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The organization started as the result of our personal experiences with addiction; working in rehab centres with addict’s and visiting clinics on three continents. The team has vast and varied knowledge which spans over a twenty-five year period.

Personal experience

Due to suffering and experiencing years of personal trauma resulting from active addiction, the founder was fortunate to attend a respected private clinic and has maintained his own recovery from addiction since this time. This showed him the importance and value professional rehabs can have in the fight against life threatening addictions if they are ethically run; suitable for the needs of the person and practical for the individual to access.

Professional experience

The team has worked in European and African clinics additionally visiting rehab facilities in Asia. As a result of this we have recognized, whilst there are many excellent treatment options available they do not all fit the needs of each person. Significantly, unless a person attends a suitable treatment program not only money but lives can be lost.


We are here to help you find the addiction treatment you need. If you would like us to guide and support you with this life changing experience contact us now. Whether you are looking for an alcohol detox; drug rehab or other addictive treatment we have the clinic for you. Contact us now for immediate advice and a successful referral process from pre to post treatment. Unlike some other referral sources we will continue to support your family whilst you are in the rehab centre.

You now have a solution to end the pain of active addiction and we look forward to being part of your recovery.

Best wishes

The Team.

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Our Mission...

We aim to help you find the best facilities available to accommodate you during your rehabilitation period. Please contact us for information at for any information or assistance with your steps to a full recovery.