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Alcoholism rehabAlcoholism and alcohol abuse are words that throw everyone into a world of confusion. What do they mean? What are they? Is an alcoholic someone that just drinks too much at the weekend? Is it someone that drinks only in the morning, only drinks on their own or drinks only spirits? Is an alcohol abuser not as ‘bad’ as an alcoholic? It is not for us to judge what kind of ‘drinker’ you are. However, it is for us to find you help if your drinking is causing you difficulties. The confusion, denial, justification and delusion around alcoholism and excessive drinking has led to a litany of personal, social, family and economic problems.

Can Alcoholism Rehab help?

Absolutely! South African Alcoholism Rehab centres enjoy a high rate of success in helping patients to stop drinking and reclaim their lives. Stopping drinking is really just the first step in a comprehensive treatment for alcohol abuse. It is followed up with therapy that is designed to help you reclaim your dignity, restore you to health, assist in rebuilding relationships, prepare you to return to work, and otherwise make you a fully functioning member of society. Every day people are leaving alcoholism rehab centres throughout South Africa as healthy and happy individuals inspired with new hope.

The effectiveness of alcoholism rehab in South Africa depends on a number of different factors. Probably most important is the amount and type of training that the staff have received. Ideally your treatment centre should employ members of various professions. This allows a comprehensive approach to treating alcohol abuse. Staff should also be trained in the latest methods proven to work through research. Often this means following research conducted internationally in Europe or America in order to stay current with modern thought.

Other factors that may determine the effectiveness of alcoholism rehab include the quality of the facilities. It stands to reason that if you’re physically comfortable and feel safe then you are more likely to be able to focus on treatment. If you’re desperately uncomfortable in your stay in an alcoholism rehab centre then it will be that much harder to focus on the programme being offered. Many alcohol abuse treatment centres offer very high quality living conditions. Findrehab24 can help you find a centre that will make you feel right at home, call us on +27 61 26 73422 right away!

Is Outpatient Alcoholism Rehab For Me?

Alcohol rehabOutpatient alcoholism rehab programmes are so named because instead of residing full time in the clinic you are allowed to sleep at home and continue with your daily life. You are required to attend regular meetings at the clinic and to complete certain tasks given as “homework”. This is attractive to people whose responsibilities make it very difficult to commit to full-time residential treatment. Additionally, these programmes are usually a lot less expensive than inpatient options, which is another reason some people elect to use them.

One of the drawbacks to outpatient alcoholism rehab is that you will be exposed to temptation while in treatment. Instead of being safely separated from pubs and liquor shops (as is the case with inpatient treatment) you will be passing them as part of your daily life. Therefore if you are unable to stay sober for at least a few days at a time then outpatient treatment is probably not for you.
Where can I go for Alcoholism Rehab?

There are many alcoholism rehab centres throughout South Africa. Naturally their programmes differ just as much as their level of physical comfort. Sometimes it is hard to know what to believe – it seems as if every alcohol treatment centre claims to have the best success rate. Findrehab24 is a specialist organisation with many years of experience in the addiction treatment field. We are not affiliated with any particular clinic and so can offer impartial free confidential advice. If you are looking to turn your life around, or want to help a loved one please call +27 61 26 73422 straight away!


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