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Smoking of the cannabis plant is deemed to be the most widely used illicit drug around the world. The plant is smoked so that the user can feel the effect of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The more THC that is ingested by smoking or oral consumption the greater the effects it has on the user. Cannabis is either smoked or eaten, and the effects are felt very quickly when smoked and within about half an hour if eaten. It usually gives the user a mild sedative experience.

Some people that use the drug may feel very relaxed whereas another person may have a small amount and feel sick. Often the user gets the giggles and may become hungry. Other signs that a person may be using it are that their eyes might be very red; they may seem very tired and the loss motivation to do anything. Those that regularly use cannabis have been found to be more likely to develop forms of mental illness such as anxiety, paranoia, psychosis and schitzophrenia. Many people believe that cannabis is a ‘gateway drug’ and that once someone tries it, often it will lead to other harder drugs.

Some street names are: Dagga, dope, blow, weed, joint, marijuana, skunk, hash, resin, pot, black

If you or a loved one are regularly using cannabis it is likely that a drug rehab centre may be necessary. Like taking other drugs cannabis can often become addictive. For more information on finding a suitable cannabis addiction rehab contact us now.

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