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cross addiction rehabMany patients ask their counselors “Drug rehab focuses on addiction to drugs, so why can’t I drink alcohol?”  The truth is that it is possible to become addicted to alcohol – this is of course known as alcoholism – and this condition is just as serious as drug addiction.

The common experience of professional drug rehabilitation counselors, backed up by formal research, has shown that people who have been addicted to one substance have a higher propensity to have problems with other substances. This is known as “cross addiction” and as part of their program people leaving a drug rehab clinic in South Africa will have been made aware of the various danger signs.

It may be a contentious point in the realms of academic psychology, but addictions counselors have found that it is possible to become addicted to behaviors which have similar emotional pay-offs to drugs. Gambling is one such behaviour. It is not recognized as an “addiction” by academic psychologists, but drug addicts are still warned that they have a greater risk of developing a gambling problem than the general population.

If you want to minimize the risk of developing a problem that could land you in rehab again you will be wise to avoid all other substances and behaviors which are associated with compulsive use. Another problem with drinking alcohol is that alcohol has a disinhibitory effect on behavior.
Cross Addiction Rehab

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cross addiction rehabilitationThat’s a fancy way for saying that if you’ve had a few drinks the systems in your brain that control your behavior become impaired.  People who dance on tables and wear lampshades on their heads while drunk are perfect examples, if somewhat extreme.  Alcohol has long been known as a social lubricant precisely because people under the influence of alcohol lose their inhibitions.

For a drug addict to remain sober they require vigilance against the patterns of thought and behavior that may lead to using drugs.  If alcohol lessens their vigilance then they are at risk of not being able to catch the patterns that may lead to a relapse on drugs.

In short, it is highly un-advisable to consider drinking alcohol after you have been treated for addiction at a drug rehabilitation clinic. For more information on cross addiction and to find suitable rehabs for your addiction contact us now on.


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