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200px-MDMA animationEcstasy is one of the street names for a chemical known as MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Other street names include “E”, “X”, or “XTC”. It is an illegal street drug but trials are underway to ascertain whether it could become a controlled medicine (particularly for people struggling with PTSD and anxiety disorders). On the street it is typically sold as a pill which may contain other chemicals depending on who manufactured it.

The chief action of MDMA (“ecstasy“) is to induce euphoria, a sense of intimacy with others, and to reduce anxiety. A single dose of ecstasy can last several hours, but people will frequently use more in order to sustain the “high”. It is also fairly common for users to double or even possibly triple their dosage to achieve a greater effect. Because the purity of the pill is questionable users of this drug have been known to overdose or die as a result of using a drug being sold as ecstasy.

Long-term abuse of ecstasy can lead to damaging two of the most important systems in the brain – the serotonergic and dopaminergic systems. These two neurochemicals are responsible for a wide range of functions within the brain including mood, appetite, sex drive, and even motor control.

Other dangers include:
  • Anxiety
  • Bad come-downs
  • Brain damage
  • Bad trip
  • Brain swelling
  • Depression
  • Bad memory
Ecstasy Rehab

If you need help in finding an Ecstasy Rehab please call us on +27 61 26 73422 for free and independent advice.

mdma rehabEcstasy Rehab offers help to stop using this harmful drug and reclaim your life. You will have the chance to be assessed by psychiatrists and psychologists to identify any possible damages caused by this drug. You’ll be given expert medical assistance to help your brain and body start returning to health. In short treatment for ecstasy addiction can save your life and restore your to health.

The first stage will be to plan a medically supervised ecstasy detox that will flush out any residual chemicals and allow you to start thinking clearly. A detox from ecstasy should usually last a day or two, but if there were other chemicals in the pills it may last longer. Doctors and nurses will monitor your progress. You’ll also be eating a nutritionally balanced diet which will help your immune system to recover and promote general good health.

Following the detoxification from ecstasy you will join a therapeutic program that typically lasts just a few short weeks. During this time you will be able to learn about the extent of your problem and more importantly what you can do to reclaim your life. Practical exercises as well as theory form part of this programme which is presented by members of various professions. At the end of it you will have a good understanding of how your thought patterns influence your behaviour and have learned how to change these things in order to promote lasting recovery.

Following this primary phase of treatment you may be recommended to attend a secondary or follow-on treatment at another facility. During the time you are at this centre you may be allowed to return to work during the day so long as you are back at the centre in time for the evening group. This sort of follow-on treatment allows a wider range of emotions and thoughts to be dealt with.

Finding an Ecstasy Rehab is a private organisation that offers free confidential addiction treatment advice. We have no ties with any particular rehab centre and so can offer you truly impartial advice to find a centre that will meet your individual needs. 

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