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Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are well-known eating disorders that affect a large number of our population.

Both conditions are characterised by a distorted body image. Those affected by these disorders also suffer from a great fear of being overweight and low self-esteem.

Anorexia is typically characterised by a low body weight that is kept low by excessive exercise and/ or starvation. A stay at an anorexia rehab is often absolutely necessary for a successful anorexia recovery.

Different anorexia treatment clinics offer different anorexia rehabilitation programs. Some anorexia treatment centers swear by cognitive behavioural therapy to change distorted thinking, while other anorexia treatment facilities focus on working through past trauma that may have lead the person to develop anorexia. We believes that the best treatment for anorexia is a holistic anorexia treatment, that has been customised to the client’s personal needs.

People suffering from bulimia typically go through phases of starvation and phases of compulsive eating and purging. Bulimia rehabilitation programs offered by bulimia treatment centers are a great way for a successful bulimia recovery. However, often, bulimia treatment clinics vary greatly in the quality of holistic bulimia treatment that they offer.

We work with the best bulimia rehabs that are characterised by the highest standards of treatment. Our bulimia treatment programs stand out from standard bulimia treatment clinics as we constantly strive for the best recovery experience for our clients. 

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