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Khat rehab and addiction treatment

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Khat rehab programmeKhat (pronounced ‘cat’) is a flowering plant native to tropical East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It contains a chemical similar to amphetamines which can cause excitement, loss of appetite, and euphoria. It was classified by the WHO as a drug of abuse in 1980. They found that it can produce mild to moderate psychological dependence. It has been the target of drug enforcement agencies across the world and is illegal or controlled in many countries.

Khat contains the alkaloid called cathinone, an amphetamine-like stimulant which is said to cause excitement, loss of appetite, and euphoria. In 1980, the World Health Organization classified khat as a drug of abuse that can produce mild to moderate psychological dependence (less than tobacco or alcohol).[1] The plant has been targeted by anti-drug organizations like the DEA.[2] It is a controlled or illegal substance in many countries, but is legal for sale and production in many others.

Street names:  Abyssinian Tea, African Salad, Catha, Chat, Kat, Oat

How can Khat rehab help?

Khat Rehab involves more than simply stopping drug use. It can be a life changing process that leads to a journey of self improvement, contentment, and happiness. It begins with the simple decision to get help – call us on +27 61 26 73422 if you want to make that decision and turn your life around.

Rehabilitation programmes for addiction take a comprehensive look at the individual. They examine the person’s past, their life experiences, as well as their future. A multi-discplinary team of doctors, psychologists, social workers and other professionals will work together to closely examine each facet of the patients unique makeup. Patients are helped to practice practical skills to help them cope with life, thereby improving their quality of life. A rehab for Khat is therefore an investment into a more productive and fulfilled life.

Khat Rehabs in South Africa

South Africa has many leading Khat rehab centers that attract patients from around the world. Patients from Europe and Britain discover that the competitive pricing places world class treatment within their reach. South African addiction treatment closely follows internationally accepted standards and research. You’ll find that a program in a top UK clinic is nearly identical to South African Khat rehabs. If you would like to know more about Khat Rehabs in South Africa then please call +27 61 26 73422 right away!

Khat Rehab programmes

Khat rehabKhat rehab should start with a medically supervised detox. There is no sense in risking medical complications so ensure that the detox facility is properly staffed with doctors and nurses. Another good reason to seek medical help is because doctors will be able to prescribe medication to help ease some of the symptoms of withdrawal. This makes it easier for you to cope with the physical discomfort and so you’re more likely to successfully complete the detoxification. Nutrition also plays an important role in overall health and a medically supervised clinic will often employ a dietitican to advise on a balanced diet for your stay in treatment. In some cases your doctor will supplement this with vitamin tablets.

When the patient is cleared by the medical team they are allowed to join the therapeutic programme. This will typically involve a number of psychotherapeutic interventions. A number of different approaches are included in a comprehensive khat rehab programme so that every facet of the addiction is examined. Thus, you can expect to participate in activities such as group therapy, one-to-one counseling, art therapy, music therapy, physical exercise, and lectures.

Follow on treatment at step-down houses is usually recommended. By extending the time you spend in treatment you can greatly enhance the strength of your recovery. You’ll also be exposed to the stressors of everyday life, but since you will have the support of counselors and your peers you will find that you are more able to cope with them without resorting to drug use.

If you would like to find a Khat Rehab please call us on +27 61 26 73422. Our counselors will offer free and totally confidential information to help you find the very best treatment options.


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