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Cape Town is the jewel of South Africa and is a wonderful location for rehab.

The second-most populous city in South Africa, Cape Town is the provincial capital of the Western Cape. It is home to the National Parliament and serves as the legislative capital. It is famous for the landmark Table Mountain and the rich floral kingdom of fynbos. It is South Africa’s most popular tourist attraction. The city herself was originally founded by a Dutch trading company as a supply station for ships travelling from Europe to India and Asia, but the area was inhabited long before Europeans arrived.

What happens in Cape Town Rehab?

Cape Town rehab centres are diverse in their approach to treatment. Although they all seek the same outcome – a permanent recovery from addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, or gambling problems – they use different approaches to obtain this result. Some of the differences may be very subtle, while others are more overt.

It is important for you to choose a centre that will offer a form of treatment that matches your individual circumstances. Why? Research conducted by the European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (EATA) has shown conclusively that the treatment outcome is greatly enhanced if a person is properly matched to an appropriate programme. Our counsellors are familiar with the programmes and understand the differences. We will give you a free confidential assessment and guide you to a centre that matches your needs. Call us now on +27 61 26 73422!

The better and more successful Cape Town rehab clinics employ treatment methodologies that have been researched internationally and proven to be effective. Such methodologies include the Hazelden approach, the Minnesota method, and the Matrix model. This means that although the treatment may be conducted within an African context it is based on empirical research that is used worldwide.

Treatment in Cape Town rehab centres can be either inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient treatment requires you to stay full-time on the property, whereas an outpatient programme allows you to continue with your daily life while coming to the clinic regularly for therapy. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and you can find out more on this website.

Cape Town is a historic city and home to world class rehab clinics.
Inpatient therapy starts with a medically supervised detoxification. Experienced doctors will assess the patient and prescribe a detox program that will safely flush out any residual toxins and chemicals. This phase can last up to two weeks but will usually be completed in about a week. It will be followed up with regular checkups, a balanced nutritional diet, an exercise routine, and possibly augmented with medication or supplements if the doctors feel this is required.

Following the detox procedure the patient will join the program proper. Psychotherapy is offered in a number of methods and approaches. This allows the patient to explore all facets of this complicated illness. Didactic lectures and practical exercises help the patient to learn new ways of coping with addiction or alcoholism.

As the patient progresses through treatment they are offered increasing amounts of freedom and responsibility. This allows them to reintegrate into society at a pace that is not overwhelming. After completing the first step in recovery you will probably be allowed to return to work, while continuing to sleep in a treatment centre and receive ongoing treatment.
World class Cape Town Rehab

Cape Town rehab clinics can compete in the international arena and attract many patients from Europe and Great Britain. Patients sometimes say that they believe the quality of care to be substantially higher in South Africa than in treatment centres they have been to in Europe.

Indeed there are many luxury Cape Town rehab centres that offer facilities such as jacuzzis, swimming pools, saunas, internet access, equine therapy, gourmet meals, private rooms, and other high class facilities. The price of these centres is very much lower than European competition which means that not only can you afford to stay longer in treatment, but you can afford a much higher level of comfort.
Finding a Cape Town Rehab

If you or a loved one are at risk of alcoholism or addiction then please don’t delay in calling us on +27 61 26 73422. Every day that you delay allows your disease to get worse! Our counsellors are academically qualified and have extensive experience in the treatment industry. They will give you a free confidential assessment and guide you to a centre that best suits your needs.

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