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Durban is the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and falls under the eThekwini metropolitan municipality. It has a very busy port making it an important industrial and commercial hub. It is also a major tourist attraction offering pristine beaches, a subtropical climate, and an exciting range of attractions.
Durban Rehab treatment

Treatment of alcoholism and addiction in a Durban Rehab is provided on several levels. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and vocational dimensions are all addressed in their own way.

Physical treatment in a Durban Rehab starts with a medically supervised detox. It is important that an experienced doctor oversee the detoxification process. There are potentially dangerous side effects associated with alcohol detox (and drugs too). Furthermore a medically supervised detox is more likely to be successful than if you try to do this alone. Following the detoxification physical treatment may continue in the form of exercise, nutrition, vitamin supplements, and possibly medication. This will be assessed by your doctor and dietician.

Mental or psychological treatment is provided by psychologists, psychiatrists, and specialised counsellors. The actual approach a team uses will differ between clinics and is usually based on the individual style of the professionals involved. However there will be general similarities between clinics. Two common forms of psychological therapy are group therapy and individual counselling sessions. Group therapy allows you to draw upon the shared experience and knowledge of your peers. It provides an opportunity to receive feedback which helps you to identify “blind spots” in your behaviour that you might not otherwise become aware of.

Emotional recovery will vary from person to person. Many people arrive in a Durban Rehab with significant emotional scars. Whether it be from past trauma, current depression, or simple outright fear patients are supported as they process these emotions. Emotional recovery can be difficult and by offering treatment in an inpatient setting the patient can be helped to feel safe and contained.

Spiritual recovery may sound contentious but it is the general experience of treatment centres that once a person stops drinking or drugging they are more able to reconnect to their spiritual roots. Most treatment centres will not force a particular religion or spiritual view upon their patients, but will rather encourage their patients to reconnect to their spiritual identity – whatever that may be.
A beach near a world class Durban Rehab

Vocational recovery involves helping the patient find work and so become a functioning member of society. A common joke told in Durban Rehab centres is that you know you’re a functioning member of society when you have to start paying taxes. This rather wry observation is a truism and a good yardstick to measure vocational recovery by. On a more serious note by helping the patient regain financial independence and address past problems they are empowered and feel a new sense of confidence and self-worth.

Duration of Durban Rehab
As with most addiction and alcoholism clinics treatment at a Durban Rehab will take at least a few weeks of inpatient treatment, followed by optional follow-on treatment. This secondary treatment could last a few months, but during this time you will generally be allowed to return to work.

It’s important not to try and rush treatment for alcoholism or addiction. By carefully complying with the programme at a Durban Rehab you will improve your chances of successfully finding recovery. Recovery involves more than just stopping drugging or drinking. It is a life changing process that leads to a continuous process of self-improvement. Needless to say it’s not easy to attain, so it’s best to approach recovery with a long-term view in mind and work steadily through the issues. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Finding a Durban Rehab

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