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Johannesburg is situated in the Gauteng Province, South Africa. It is the most populated City in the Republic of South Africa. The majority of South Africa’s gold is produced here and Johannesburg is affectionately referred to as “Egoli” or the “place of gold”.

Johannesburg Rehab Programme:

Johannesburg rehabs provide top class treatment for a variety of addictions including drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, sexual disorders and problems with gambling. Each treatment programme conforms to internationally accepted standards at all times. Each and every Johannesburg alcohol detox rehab treatment programme consists of various different stages. The first phase is for the patient to undergo a drug and/or alcohol detoxification in order to cleanse the body from all toxins. NB! “Always consult a physician before undertaking a detox programme”. Although this is an essential “first step” to recovery, a detoxification alone is usually insufficient to ensure lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol. A change of mind-set and behaviour is essential for the recovering addict/alcoholic to remain clean. All Johannesburg alcohol detox centers employ qualified persons from various professions. This ensures that patients receive the best possible care with regards to all areas of their recovery. During the first phase, a patient is assessed in order to ascertain which treatment programme suites their needs. Once the patient has “detoxed”, the team of professional counsellors will attend to the various phases of treatment, making sure that all aspects of the addiction are covered. These include a persons physical and mental well-being- many patients enter a Johannesburg alcohol detox rehab in poor health. In many cases, they may also have co-existing disorders, such as depression, which must be treated together with the addiction-psychiatrists and psychologists will attend to these issues. Social workers also play an important role in the patients ongoing recovery by providing coping skills for life outside the clinic.

Secondary Johannesburg Alcohol Detox rehabs:

Secondary care is a place where persons will continue their rehabilitation after completing the initial stage at a Johannesburg alcohol detox rehab. These places often take the form of a house and are less official than a conventional rehab clinic. Here the recovering alcoholic/addict is allowed more freedom of movement, may take up employment again and begin functioning as a member of the community.

Out-patient Johannesburg Alcohol Detox rehabs:

In many cases it is not practical for a person to attend an in-patient Johannesburg alcohol detox rehab due to work commitments or other day-to-day responsibilities-they are then advised to attend an “out-patient” programme. This enables the patient to sleep at home and continue with their normal, daily routine. They will only attend the clinic for scheduled therapy sessions with their counsellor. The cost of this programme is considerably less than the “in-house” option. It serves to mention, however, that we do not recommend an out-patient Johannesburg alcohol detox rehab to all persons. This programme will only suit recovering alcoholics and addicts who are able to remain clean in between their treatment sessions. The out-patient programme does not offer the same sense of security, as the patient is free to move about outside between therapy sessions. We offer a free, personal assessment to help you decide which option is the correct one.

Finding a Johannesburg Alcohol Detox rehab:

The difference between the various Johannesburg alcohol detox rehab may vary. We will advise you which one suits your specific needs-this is important and plays a large role in your recovery.

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