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The goal of treatment is about more than just staying away from the addictive behaviour. When addiction becomes the focus of a persons life, it overshadows all other aspects of life: Physical, Mental, Family, and Social. For this reason, a multi disciplinary approach is used for addiction treatment. The problems extend beyond the using. Addicts consistently numb themselves with drugs, which limits their ability to witness the whole tragedy. This is more than denial. It is compulsive, beneath the level of conscious thought, driving them to continue to use despite the consequences. This is why FindRehab24 and the addiction treatment centre must asses the individuals case in order to give the best professional care.

A Thorough Evaluation

The thorough initial evaluation by FindRehab24 and the addiction treatment centre determines whether addiction exists, the extent of the addiction, any other medical or psychiatric problems, and whether medical detoxification is necessary. Most treatment programs use a psychological evaluation to examine whether any mental health problems need to be addressed. Psychiatrists are available for evaluation and care of significant psychiatric illness. All of the evaluations are pulled together to form a treatment plan. Good treatment provides the necessary care at the right time. 


Some people confuse detoxification with treatment itself, but detox is only the beginning. Detoxification is a medical procedure used to prevent withdrawal symptoms and provide a safe and comfortable transition to a drug free state. Detoxification differs by the substance that has been used and is often complicated by the regular use of more than one drug. For example, someone who uses alcohol and heroin would need separate, but simultaneous, detoxification from both. Eliminating the substance from the patients system creates extreme vulnerability to relapse because craving is incredibly strong at that point. After detoxification, the long-term issues must be addressed.

How Recovery Begins

Addiction treatment consists of therapy, education, and fellowship to address addictive behaviours, help the individual recognise the problems in his or her life and provide the skills to address these problems and maintain abstinence.

Group Therapy

The focus of group therapy is on positive change, but because addicts experience deterioration in so many aspects of life, the groups deal with a wide variety of topics, including:
  • The physical consequences of addiction
  • How alcohol and other drug use affected the individual and the family
  • Honesty
  • Processing past trauma and grief
  • Life skills
  • How to use the support of others to address new problem

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is also used in treatment. Each client is assigned a counsellor who provides guidance and insight into destructive behaviours and the activities associated with healing in early recovery. Individual therapy is essential to address ongoing and past traumas and issues and certain mental health problems. If someone is having flashbacks of a sexual assault or is extremely depressed, an individual therapist with specific expertise in trauma or mental health issues is critical. This level of psychotherapy requires a trained proffesional.


In treatment, patients are educated about addiction and mental health, what to expect in early recovery, and how to re-enter the real world. Lectures and reading assignments give people in treatment a clear understanding of the problems they are overcoming.


Fellowship plays an integral role in the addiction treatment process as well. People in the midst of addiction treatment and in early recovery need help from each other – they may be the best teachers and role models for what works and what does not. The fellowship experienced in an addiction treatment setting provides a level of intimacy that may have become foreign to the addict. they need to re-establish intimacy and positive relationships. They need the acceptance, understanding, and experience of another addict as a sounding board for their shame, guilt, and fears.

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