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Congratulations on finding this website! You are most probably frustrated in your attempts to find the correct drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation treatment service. The treatment services suited to your needs do exist, but they are hard to find. You have no idea what a UK rehab or detox unit is all about when visiting their website, never mind the prices they charge-the majority do not see the need to publish the costs for detox and rehab treatment.

This is where are able to assist you. We have made sure that the leg work has been done for you.

We have visited a large number of UK rehabs all around the United Kingdom. We rate them according to the various services that they offer, which include:
  • Lodging.
  • Pleasantness of premises.
  • Culture of the clinic.
  • Attitude of the staff working there.
  • Type of clients who attend the clinic.
We also take careful note of other things such as the use of cellular phones, pay phones, internet access and laptop availability, food, furniture and fittings, admission requirements, arrangements for visitors, health and safety regulations and where the clinic is situated.

Even though the above may not be important to you, you will probably have some interest in the answers to most of these questions. We also ensure that we are accompanied by an addiction specialist, who is either an addiction psychiatrist or senior addiction counsellor. They make sure that the people working there are qualified, the type of therapy procedures available and the medical cover.

We make use of only private drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation clinics as this ensures the clients admission is immediate without having to be on a waiting list. As soon as we have decided a clinic is the right one, we make sure that the clinic is visited at least twice a year-this is to check that the standards are still in order.

It came to our attention that one specific UK rehab, previously regarded as one with high standards, had entered into a contract with the authorities whereby juvenile offenders, instead of serving prison time, were admitted to their clinic. It is a known fact that these young persons have no interest in actual recovery. They are simply avoiding prison. They are also known to cause disorder amongst those persons who are paying for their treatment and who take their recovery seriously.

We also depend largely on feedback from our clients after they have completed treatment.

The UK rehab pay our costs by means of a commission, on every new client we introduce:
  • You will never pay more if you use the services of
  • We will only give you a quotation based on the clinic’s fees which are known to the public.
  • We do not request any payment from you, neither will we sell you any other services which are provided for free by the clinics.
Our recommendation is also our commitment that the UK rehab you have chosen is a suitable and reliable place to overcome your addiction!

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