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Bournemouth Rehab Centre

The addiction treatment programme at this Bournemouth rehab centre accomodates 16 persons of both sexes and treats the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction. Persons who abuse these substances, are also welcome to attend the programme. Primary (residential) and secondary (half-way house) care are both provided at the Bournemouth rehab centre. Any person between 18 and 64 may enrol  for treatment – the only requirement is a past or current addiction of alcohol or drugs.

A new arrival will most probably share a room with another resident. This will give both patients the opportunity to share their experiences with each other. Furthermore, in cases of emergency, there is always someone available to inform management. Unfortunately, the facilities are not suitable for disabled persons.

You can expect your treatment programme to last between 3 and 6 months. Firstly, you will be assessed by a team of specialists working at the Bournemouth rehab centre. They will give you a physical and mental check-up. Not surprisingly due to addiction and lack of self care many patients enter the Bournemouth rehab centre with conditions they are unaware of. The severity of your addiction will also be ascertained- this is important in deciding on the correct treatment programme for you.

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You are expected to participate in group sessions on a daily basis. They will be made up differently, you will discuss your goals and objectives in a group and also individually. Each group session is chaired by an experienced counsellor. All the problem areas surrounding addiction will be covered here, including a patients behaviour and addictive thinking patterns. You will also be introduced to the 12 step programme – this is an important part of your recovery and has been used successfully by Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous for many years now. The Bournemouth rehab centre encourages all patients to attend these meetings within their communities. They may also do charity work. This will help them become part of society once again.

Once a person has completed their treatment programme, they will have a better understanding of the disease model of addiction. They will also be in touch with their emotions and behaviour should improve.

Bournemouth rehab centre strongly recommends clients to continue with an aftercare programme- this has proven effective in preventing relapses. The clinic does not have the facilities to care for persons with special needs or physical disabilities. Should you fall within this category, please discuss your concerns with a counsellor during assessment.

The treatment therapy programmes at Bournemouth rehab centre includes the 12 step fellowship, self-motivational workshops and behavioural classes. Each patient is assessed throughout the duration of treatment. Your counsellor will set short term goals as part of your care plan. If you feel that any of these are not achievable, please bring this to your appointed counsellors attention. These goals will be monitored at different times. Your care plan is similar to a job description performance plan- you are required to sign it in agreement.

Bournemouth rehab centre will conduct random drug testing of its residents, especially if staff members are suspicious of any individual. This is done by means of a urine specimen. If patients refuse to comply with this instruction, they may be asked to leave the Bournemouth rehab centre. Patients who are required to be tested regularly as a result of a court order, will be treated with dignity and respect. Clients referred to the clinic as part of a Criminal Court sentencing procedure, will naturally have to conform to other rules and regulations. These will be discussed with you on admission.

During the first stage of the treatment programme, patients leaving Bournemouth rehab centre for outside visits, must be accompanied by a member of staff or a person approved by the clinics management. During treatment, you are encouraged to exercise with other residents. Group walks forms part of this exercise routine. If you do go walking with a group, please ensure that you all return to the centre together. If you are sick or unable to perform this activity for some or other reason, please bring this to the attention of your counsellor.

There is a community meeting at least once every week. Here, you are given the chance to bring up any problems or issues you may have. Bournemouth rehab centre prides itself on good service delivery- to ensure that this is maintained, clients are requested to complete a questionnaire every few months. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

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