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Luton addiction treatment centre

The Luton addiction treatment residential houses are situated within a residential area and forms part of the broader community. Here, you will be exposed to a day-to-day, normal way of life. There are quite a few UK rehab clinics who keep their clients away from the things that may trigger a relapse. It has, however, been proven that recovering addicts and alcoholics respond better to treatment if they come into contact with the outside world. Ladies and gentlemen stay in separate houses, each with their own private room. The other facilities are shared by all residents.

Luton accommodation:

Each unit is situated in the middle of town, only a few minutes walk from our addiction treatment center. They each consist of four to five single bedrooms for your privacy and convenience. Patients share the kitchens, bathrooms and lounges. The television lounge is also equipped with a DVD player. All rooms have central heating.

Benefits of living within the community:

Persons living in our facilities will be able to change their behaviour with the help of others. The addiction treatment programme is most helpful as it assists clients in expressing their innermost feelings and emotions within a safe environment. We have received positive feed-back from past clients. Most of them agreed that their exposure to the outside world actually helped the recovery process. Naturally, you can always rely on the support of your counsellor and fellow residents at all times.

We have a dedicated team of house managers on stand-by. They will provide after hours support and assistance to residents, conduct spot checks on site and make sure that the house rules and regulations are complied with. If there is an emergency, they have the necessary experience to handle these incidents in a professional manner.


Most addicts and alcoholics arrive at our addiction treatment centers in need of a detoxification. This is an important step of recovery-a detox will remove all toxins and impurities from a patients body. Our in-house medical doctors will decide on a suitable detox programme for each patient.

Process groups:

It is important for recovering addicts and alcoholics to change their behaviour and to think differently about their lives. These groups will provide the necessary support skills in order to enjoy a sober and clean life without using alcohol and drugs.

Twelve step group sessions:

These programmes have been around for over 75 years. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have helped many addicts and alcoholics remain clean and sober. Our four month addiction treatment programme includes the 12 step programme – each step will be explained to the client and feedback
is given within group sessions. Recovering persons need to realise they are suffering from an incurable disease – the 12 step programme helps them to understand this. By sharing their experiences with fellow addicts and alcoholics, they will soon realise they are not alone in recovery.

Individual councelling (when required):

Our addiction treatment programme consists mainly of group sessions where patients work together as one. In certain cases, we may recommend one-on-one counselling if and when it is necessary.

Daily keeping of a diary:

Patients are requested to keep a daily diary during their addiction treatment programme. This helps persons to understand their condition and become conscious of anything which may prevent a full recovery. When the recovering addict/alcoholic leaves the clinic, they will be able to refer to their diaries and recap all they have learnt.

For further information, do not hesitate in contacting us on: +27 61 26 73422 our friendly trained counsellors are waiting to take your call!
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