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The Scotland rehab centre offers a residential treatment programme for persons with alcoholism and drug addiction. This rehab centre uses the “disease model” principle in treating patients and believes that only abstinence will ensure long term recovery. The rehab centre offers clients a treatment programme based on their personal needs and circumstances. This rehab centre was founded over twenty years ago and is respected as one of the finest addiction clinics in Europe today.

Scotland rehab offers patients a team of specialists consisting of medical doctors, nurse aids, psychiatrists and psychologists, counsellors and therapists. All these professionals have the necessary academic qualifications and practical experience. The rehab centre is situated on private land, in between a beautiful forest. Here, you will not be disturbed nor distracted. Included in the therapeutic treatment programme are group walks in the forest. Patients may also tend to the lovely gardens at this rehab centre - this is very relaxing and soothing. Even though Scotland rehab is in a private and secluded area, it is less than an hours drive from Edinburgh Airport.

Scotland Rehab Centre

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At this rehab centre patients are at one with nature. Scotland rehab even has its own spring water supply. The first phase of the treatment programme, is the detoxification procedure. This process ensures that all poisons and impurities are removed from the patients body. NB!” Always consult with a physician before undertaking a detoxification”.

Scotland rehab has more than three decades of knowledge and skills in this procedure – the medical staff will make sure the detox is done safely with as little discomfort as possible. Patients who undergo a detox will be medically supervised throughout. In the unlikely event of complications, a medical doctor is always available. Detoxification is not a pleasant experience, but usually a pain-less one.

Scotland rehab offers each resident a personal treatment programme, according to individual needs and concerns. It is also important for patients to disclose the severity of their addiction during their assessment. Trained counsellors are non- judgmental and patients are encouraged to be honest and open at all times. In many cases, addicts and alcoholics continue using due to unresolved emotional issues. The Scotland rehab centre will equip these persons with life skills, including a change of behaviour. Patients need to remember that the drug and alcohol abuse has caused their bodies some harm over the years. Fortunately, in most cases, the body starts healing itself once the person stops taking drugs and alcohol. This will happen even quicker with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Before patients are admitted at Scotland rehab, they will be assessed and examined by a counsellor and psychiatrist. This will include a physical and mental check-up- many clients are unaware of a co-existing mental illness or disorder, such as depression, and require treatment for their addiction as well as any other problems they may have. A patient undergoing treatment at this rehab centre will soon realise how special and unique they are – The Scotland rehab staff members will treat you with kindness and understanding. Here, you are not just another number! The Scotland rehab will assist persons with other problems too – gambling, eating and sexual disorders are also catered for here. All addicts will be helped here, no matter how bad the addictions may be. The Scotland rehab firmly believes that each and every addict and alcoholic is able to recover whether you are young, old or feel you have nothing to live for. Scotland rehab is the clinic for you!

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