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This facility accepts those suffering with: Drug and alcohol addictions; eating disorders; problems with games of chance and gambling and sex addiction - this drug rehab center has helped many addicted persons overcome their diseases and disorders. Here, at the Somerset rehab, they offer you the best residential, primary care treatment programmes to suite your specific needs. All the addiction programmes at this drug rehab center incorporate the 12 step treatment programme – this has been proven to assist the addict in long term recovery.

This Somerset rehab has been around for over two decades and have assisted thousands of persons who have changed their lives and chosen a new life in recovery. If you have decided that drugs and alcohol have caused you and your family enough harm, we invite you to contact one of our trained counselors for a free consultation and assessment. Please phone: +27 61 26 73422

The Somerset rehab will give you the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of a full recovery. The drug rehab center is a safe and friendly place to have treatment catering for you as an individual. Some of the trained counsellors are recovering addicts with multiple years in recovery. When you arrive, you will be medically assessed. Thereafter, you will undergo a process of detoxification – medical doctors will support you throughout. NB!” Always consult a physician before undertaking a detox”. The drug rehab center also offers one-on-one counselling, group therapy sessions and other therapeutic programmes.

The drug rehab center consists of primary and secondary treatment. They also offer all previous patients free aftercare treatment, provided they are in abstinence recovery. They are registered with the necessary regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the European Association for the Treatment of Addictions (EATA) and the Quality in Alcohol and Drugs Services (QuADS).

Treatment at Somerset rehab

Our clients originate from different cultures and also from all parts of the world. Some are private and others have been funded by the Government. We have a non- judgmental approach to each patient - no matter what your past history is. One of our requirements is for you to be assessed by a trained counselor and medical doctor – here we will check your physical and mental well-being and also find out why you have decided to stop using drugs and alcohol. Once you have been assessed we will issue you with a personal entrance care plan. You will be assessed on this once every month until you complete your treatment programme. We expect you to achieve the short term goals we have set for you. Most of them involve your honesty and integrity, including your commitment to long term recovery.

Primary care:

This lasts for a period of three months at the Somerset rehab clinic. You are also afforded the opportunity to cleanse and rid your body of all drugs and alcohol – for this purpose, certain medication may be prescribed to you. The drug rehab center has two residential care facilities. During the first treatment programme, the addict begins to understand the disease model of addiction, including the negative  consequences it has on the person and their families. Most addicts enter the Somerset rehab in poor physical and mental health- we will attend to these concerns. Your daily activities include sharing your experiences within group sessions, private consultations with your appointed counsellor and attending general lectures and workshops. You may receive visitors after you have completed 4 or 5 weeks of treatment. If you are a parent of children, this may take place sooner. All visitations take place outside the drug rehab center.

Secondary care:

At these half-way houses you will begin to change your behaviour and way of thinking.This is important as you are re-introduced into society. In order to qualify for secondary care at this Somerset rehab, you must be clean for no less than four weeks. Secondly, you would have finalised your primary care treatment programme with a solid understanding of the 12 step principles. Furthermore, we expect you to attend at least three Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings each week. These have been proven to be effective and will help prevent a relapse.

Therapeutic Programmes

Our drug rehab center offers various holistic programmes, such as body, feet and head massages, reiki, yoga and meditation.


This is a free service offered by the Somerset rehab. Each and every Saturday, many past patients gather together for group sessions and individual counseling.

There is no reason to delay any longer. For further details contact: +27 61 26 73422