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This addiction treatment centre is managed as a charitable establishment and is not for profit nor gain. Here at the UK rehab centre, they cater for a variety of addictions such as:
  • Drug and alcoholism addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Gambling and games of chance
  • Internet addiction
The UK rehab centre was founded in 1974 and consists of a professional residential treatment programme run by trained counselors. Over the years, they have helped thousands of people overcome their addictions and disorders. They pride themselves as being the first UK rehab centre to adopt the “Minnesota Disease Model” treatment programme. Due to the addiction treatment centres high success rate, including the excellent standard of specialist care they offer, they were the first UK rehab centre to be officially recognised by the European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (EATA).

What they offer:
  • An assessment by trained counsellors.
  • Residential treatment (also known as primary care)- this caters for both sexes over the ages of eighteen.
  • Persons who are still using drugs and or alcohol may be admitted to our facility.
  • A physical and mental check-up, followed by a detoxification treatment programme to remove all toxins and impurities from the body
  • We provide medical nurses around the clock to care for our patients
Primary Care:

The rehab centre is a 33 bed facility and the primary care treatment programme is for persons who intend abstaining from alcohol and drugs. The average length of this programme is two months. The addiction treatment programme consists of:
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group sessions chaired by a counsellor
  • Study workshops and presentations
  • Training CD’s and DVD’s
  • Written tasks
  • Films promoting better health
  • Handling of stressful incidents.
  • Healthy relations with other recovering addicts and alcoholics.
  • We also equip the patient with coping mechanisms to live a productive life in recovery.
Near the end of your treatment programme, the addiction treatment centre will recommend further treatment options. This may include a prevention of relapse or aftercare treatment plan. Some recovering persons may require secondary rehab centre treatment of around three months. These places are referred to as ” Half-way Houses”. In order to be admitted here, patients  must have completed their primary care treatment successfully. We will also consider persons who have been clean and sober for a reasonable period of time. It is further recommended that these persons have a good understanding of the first three steps of the 12 step programme( Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous).

Treatment Method:

The UK rehab centre bases their treatment programmes on the Minnesota disease model – this programme relies on abstinence and  incorporates all twelve steps of the 12 step programme, steps 1 to 5 in primary care and steps 6 to 12 during secondary care. The symptoms of most addictions are normally physical, mental and spiritual. These symptoms are treated at the addiction treatment centre in a holistic manner. The rehab centres are not judgmental in their approach – we believe our patients have an illness and are not evil persons. The treatment programmes consist of both individual and group sessions. They have professional, qualified counselors working at all their UK rehab centres. They will offer patients all the support needed for a full recovery. They also encourage their patients to set themselves short term goals whilst they are living in the addiction treatment centre.

Also included are the following therapeutic programmes:
  • Acupuncture (treatment of pain with needles)
  • Reiki
  • Body, head and foot massage
  • Hopi candle treatment
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques.
  • Psychotherapy (dealing with trauma).
For further details contact on +27 61 26 73422