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This Yorkshire drug rehab centre is designed to assist persons with a history of drug abuse and addiction. This is the perfect drug rehab centre for persons beginning their recovery. The friendly and caring staff members are all qualified in treating the cunning disease of drug addiction. Between them, they have multiple years of experience. They will make sure that you are given the  correct and best treatment programme to suite your specific needs and concerns.

The primary objective at this Yorkshire drug rehab centre is to provide patients with a lasting, effective treatment  programme, thus ensuring full-time recovery with no relapses. Special emphasis is given to restore the patients physical, mental and emotional well-being. Clients will also be equipped with life and behaviour skills, ensuring a brand new way of living, free from the hold of drugs. Expect to put on some weight at this drug rehab centre - all meals are prepared by gourmet chefs. The food is similar to home cooking and is tasty and nutritious.

Drug addiction is an incurable, chronic disease and recovery is only possible through abstinence and a change of personal behaviour. This Yorkshire drug rehab centre  understands with compassion the pain an addict is going through. If you have decided to stop hurting yourself and your loved ones, you are advised to start an addiction treatment programme immediately. This is done in three stages. Firstly, on admission, you will be assessed by a team of specialists consisting of medical doctors, psychiatrists and counsellors. You will then undergo a detoxification process to rid your body of the drugs you have been taking. NB! “Always consult a physician before undertaking a detoxification”.

Thereafter, you will complete a tailor made treatment programme – this will address all the issues around your addiction, especially deep rooted/hidden emotional issues.  Patients need to understand why they began using drugs in the first place in order to prevent a relapse.

This Yorkshire drug rehab centre believes in the principles of the 12 step treatment programme. Patients are advised to attend these group sessions – your anonymity is guaranteed. The 12 step programme has been tried and tested to assist long term recovery.

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