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It is likely that you are in a state of distress when you find this website. Therefore, contact us now. Looking for help can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. You may have found us via a friend; an addiction counsellor; a colleague; through the internet or other adverts. Now that you are in touch with us we can help you to find the specific alcohol detox/drug detox or addiction rehab centre to suite your needs.

What happens now?

1) The assessment where we discuss the following background information to ascertain the best rehab centre:
  • Name
  • Age
  • Drugs or behaviour addicted to
  • If the person is willing or resistant to go to a rehab centre
  • If there have been any previous rehab centres
  • Any previous medical and psychiatric diagnosis
  • Location
  • Consequences of their addiction
  • If they are working, can they take leave
  • There financial situation
2) We can discuss our rehab recommendations and contact the most suitable rehab for you. We then make a appointments for the admission staff to contact you.

3) The rehab then contact you with information such as:
  • Program details
  • Why the clinic suites your needs
  • Expectations of the client
  • Treatment length
  • Accommodation
  • Finances
  • What to bring
  • An admission date
4) The admission: where the person starts their rehab treatment.

5) We provide ongoing guidance to the family members during the treatment process

For help with an immediate admission to drug rehab or an alcohol detox contact the team at now.

Rehabs Centres in South Africa: +27 61 26 73422

Rehab Clinics in Johannesburg: +27 61 26 73422

Addiction Rehabs in UK: +27 61 26 73422