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Persons that are dependent on drugs and alcohol are commonly referred to as addicts and alcoholics. Addiction is a chronic disease of the mind. It is incurable but may be treated. Once a person stops taking drugs and alcohol, they usually require a drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programme.

Abstaining from addictive behaviours alone, rarely results in long term recovery – the addicted person should seek help at a recognised rehabilitation clinic- here they will undergo a specialised treatment programme in order to understand what caused their addiction in the first place. Furthermore, people with addiction require a complete change of behaviour in order to prevent a relapse. By the time addicted persons enter a rehabilitation clinic, they have usually suffered many negative consequences as a result of using. These include poor health, financial insecurity and a break-down of relationships. 

Those suffering from addiction are not bad people, they are sick as a result of the cunning disease of addiction. This is not to say that they do no harm- crimes are often committed to finance their addictions. Some persons begin their treatment  programme as convicted offenders. A well respected rehabilitation clinic will educate them on the dangers of addiction and also prepare them for re-integration back into society. There is a well known saying used at 12 step fellowship group meetings: “Hate the sin but love the sinner”. 

A rehabilitation treatment clinic is the perfect start for addicts and alcoholics who have decided to stop using and improve their lives. An effective treatment programme will also equip them with the necessary life skills which are needed to remain clean and sober. Many persons enter a rehabilitation clinic with physical, mental and emotional problems. It is quite common for a person having one or more co-existing mental disorders or illnesses – often they are unaware of this. The addiction and these disorders must be addressed together for a complete recovery. There are various specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and counsellors, who will assist patients during their treatment programme. Addiction is often linked to underlying and hidden emotional issues intensive psychotherapy is necessary during the rehabilitation treatment programme, the success thereof is crucial for long term recovery.

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