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The physical, psychological and emotional benefits of going to rehab.

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Addiction treatment

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If you are looking for professional help in finding an addiction or psychiatric rehabilitation centre you have come to the right place. 
FindRehab24 is a rehabilitation-consultancy service, dedicated to finding you or a loved one the best treatment options available. These include a wide selection of treatment centres around the world. We assist
people struggling with addiction problems such as drugs, alcoholism, gambling, eating disorders, shopping, gaming and sex addiction, to name a few. We also aid those needing psychiatric care.
Finding a treatment centre can be extremely difficult, overwhelming and stressful, especially for those who are not familiar with the process of entering a treatment centre. This is where FindRehab24 helps you; we
are dedicated to providing you with the options that will assist you in the best possible direction.
We will help you with each step of your journey; assessments are a vital part to finding the rehabilitation facility suited
to your individual needs.
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Drug addiction
Drug addiction is a condition where the sufferer is consumed by the obsession and/or compulsion to use mind-and-mood altering substances. They often experience problems in life as a direct result of their drug use,
such as problems at home, with close relationships, an inability to meet responsibilities such as work commitments or financial troubles.
Alcoholism is a similar condition to drug addiction, however, the substance that is used is alcohol. It is also mind and mood altering and in cases can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.
Eating Disorders
This is a broad term used to describe an obsessive and compulsive illness where the person has destructive thoughts and behaviours around food. This can involve restricting, bingeing, purging, over exercise or compulsive over-eating. In these cases, the behaviour is what the person is addicted to, not food.
Co-dependency is a condition where a person becomes engaged in obsessive and/or compulsive behaviours involving other people. Often the co-dependent is driven by those closest to them. The co-dependent is
unable to stop themselves from enabling their behaviours, and in the process, putting their own needs second. The co-dependent's attempts at control drive them to do things that begin to affect their own lives.
Sex addiction
A sex addict is someone that is addicted to certain types of sexual gratification. Compulsive sexual behaviour is often accompanied by ritualistic behaviour/s and/or thinking. Every case is different, but their
behaviour/s eventually begin to permeate into their lives, often experiencing problems at home, work or in other areas of responsibility.
 Psychiatric disorders
Psychiatric disorders come in many different diagnosis- depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder to name a few. If untreated they cause huge amounts of apin and suffering to those affected and their loved ones. We will
place the client in the best suited facility for their specific needs. 

FindRehab24 has a head office in Cape Town, South Africa but offers a global service of high standard care.

It is fundamental to focus on the specific symptoms a person presents; we understand this and look at the individual and not simply a generic solution.

We are the leaders in our industry, with a team of dedicated professionals, covering all aspects of medical care. When contacting us, you will be receiving assistance from highly-trained professionals,
enabling us to find a treatment facility best suited to your case.

Choosing where to go to rehab can be the most difficult decision of your life. If you, or someone needs help, Contact Us now.

Addiction treatment advice


Do you personally need help with addiction rehab treatment? Do you have an addict or an alcoholic in your life? If so, we can help you. We offer you freeprofessional help you at this difficult time.

Whether this is for yourself, a friend or a loved one – we can help. Findrehab24 continually strives to find only the best addiction rehab facilities available to you.With many treatment options available we can help you select the most suited to your problem.

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Substance Abuse facilities and Process Addiction facilities vary in their approach, location and cost. We are familiar with the leading facilities in South Africa, so call us for the help you need in making the right choice.

Worried about choosing the wrong inpatient rehab program or Out Patient program? You can select the ideal inpatient treatment program for your loved one with our detailed information.

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